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How did Alex Yee’s teeth fare? The Chinese Runner Is He British?

British distance runner and triathlete Alex Yee finished gold in the mixed relay and second in the men’s triathlon at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

He received an MBE in the 2022 New Year’s Honours for his accomplishments. On July 29, the 24-year-old increased his men’s triathlon gold medal performance at the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

At the finish line, he was followed by Hayden Wilde of New Zealand, who had been awarded a disputed ten-second time penalty earlier in the race.

We look at Alex Yee’s parentage, ethnicity, and family history in light of the triathlete’s first gold medal for Team GB at the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

Alex Yee

Alex Yee

How did Alex Yee’s teeth fare?

Alex Yee’s teeth are in excellent condition. The runner’s speech pattern may have added to the worry about his teeth.

Only Alex’s lower teeth are visible when he speaks since his top lips cover his upper teeth. Additionally, no news or information on his disease or other disorders has been posted online.

In addition, Yee was the last member of the team to cross the finish line in the mixed triathlon at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics 2021, where he won a gold medal.

Yee received the designation of Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) in the 2022 New Year’s Honours for his achievements to the triathlon.

Yee completed his A levels at Kingsdale Foundation School in West Dulwich before registering for Leeds Beckett University’s BSc in Sport and Exercise Science program.

Alex Yee is it Chinese? His Ethnic Origins

Regarding his ethnicity, Alex is biracial because his mother is British and his father is of Asian descent.

On February 26, he shared a picture of himself with his parents along with the message, “This is family business.”

Yee was also born in Lewisham, London, on February 18, 1998.

Parents of Alex Yee are Ronald and Emma Amos Yee.

Alex Yee routinely shares photos of his parents online due to his close relationship with them. Alex Yee’s father is Ronald Yee, despite the fact that his mother is Emma Amos Yee.

Similar to this, his father posted a family photo earlier today with the comment, “First Gold Medal of the Commonwealth Games 2022,” to honor his son’s victory.

Ronald also describes himself as a university lecturer and a bridge architect in his Instagram bio. He mentions him as a fisherman as well. He frequently posts drawings and concepts for the bridge on Instagram.

His mother’s Instagram page, on the other hand, is set to private mode.

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Information Regarding Alex Yee’s Family Tree And Siblings

As he considers his family history, Alex Yee notices how well he gets along with his grandparents. His grandfather, who just turned 90, just joined Alex on a run. Sadly, his grandmother fell ill right after Christmas and passed away.

He told The Mirror that he was able to spend time with her before she passed away because he had passed his driving test. He said, “I didn’t completely understand how much freedom I had and the things that I couldn’t do until I passed.”

In addition, Alex posted a picture honoring his grandma on her 70th birthday in 2014, calling her one of the most motivating people.

In contrast, he appears to have two siblings, Joseph Yee and Bolen Yee, based on an Instagram post he posted. Joseph Yee appears to be a biker.

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