Kari Lake is a special kind of politician because she isn’t actually a politician. She’s a former local news reporter who got red-pilled after she saw how biased the media was, and what a propaganda machine they are for the left. And at the height of her popularity, she walked away from her media career… and a short while later, Kari announced she was running for governor of Arizona… and from that moment on she’s been a MAGA firecracker. She got President Trump’s endorsement early on and secured the GOP primary, even though establishment traitors Mitch McConnell and Mike Pence were backing their RINO candidate. Kari fought through and spoke a lot like Trump always has – with the plain truth, and addressing the stuff that real people care about. Not all that political mumbo jumbo that these establishment losers keep vomiting up.

And just like President Trump, Kari Lake scares the crap out of the left and the RINOs on the right. So, they’re attacking her with the same gusto and fervor they go after Trump and Marjorie Taylor Greene with… and you know what? We love that. Because the more they hate her, the more we know that she’s exactly what we need.

And that’s what Steve Bannon explained at CPAC when he called out Kari from the crowd. He explained how the left was going after her, claiming she was “raping” the Bill of Rights, among other absurd things.

Steve Bannon called Kari a “hero” and told her she was the future of this movement… and he’s right, and the room agreed with him, and stood up and gave Kari a very emotional “Standing O.”

You can watch the video below:

Well deserved accolades. Kari is the “DeSantis” of the west, and if she plays her cards right, holds her ground, and never abandons the “America First” agenda, she could be president someday.

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