With mental health being the issue on everyone’s minds these days, it’s important we look into ways we can take small steps to creating better overall health for our bodies and minds. 

According to Life Coach, Esther Murray, there are five specific ways we can accomplish better health which are easy and can be incorporated into our everyday routines. 

Esther specializes in helping women who have hit a dead end in their career due to getting passed over, feeling unappreciated, or lacking opportunities to move ahead in the workplace. She is an experienced life coach who has helped countless women overcome challenges in their lives and create better health for their minds and bodies. 

Here are her five top tips for supporting your journey to better wellbeing:

1.          Exercise – it’s a quick and easy way to enhance your mood, reduce stress, and clear your mind.  I find that getting out of bed and straight into my running or walking shoes, to be outside just after sunrise, for 30 minutes, is the surest way to start the day with gusto.

2.          Meditate – Twenty minutes of meditation each day will relax your mind and body and strengthen your health.  You’ll also build your ability to focus.  It may be the best 20 minutes you spend every day. 

3.          Improve your diet – The food you eat has a dramatic effect on your mood, ability to focus, and health.  You already know which foods are healthy.  So, introduce more of them into your diet, especially fiber and omega rich foods, like avocado and berries.   Most importantly, take sugar out of your diet as much as humanly possible, even if you adore ice cream.

4.         Be grateful – Always be thankful for the blessings from the Almighty, even the little things that you enjoy every day, such as that first cup of coffee.   Do not let yourself be obsessed with money.   Most people spend most of their days chasing material things they don’t have, and their inner soul does not need.

5.         Get enough sleep – You cannot function at your best without proper rest!  Do not forget your duty to nourish and take care of your body.

Esther Murray

Esther loves to empower women through life coaching, building up a generation of strong women with optimum healthy lives. 

Esther states, “I believe that mental health  is my chief concern because too many people are living in this nightmare and are extremely reluctant to reveal this because they are either afraid of how others may feel towards them or just lack the courage to label their struggle as such.” 

“I worry about this especially in the workplace now after COVID-19, workers are slowly moving back to an office space after working remotely for two years.  Some are even traumatized and prefer not to return because they are still coping with their circumstances and have lost touch with how things used to be. That’s where I come in to help.”

To learn more about Esther, her life coaching programs and how she can mentor you  visit https://esthermurray.com

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