Eileen Gu was born in the US and trained in the US in skiing.  This past winter she won gold…. for China.

TGP reported on Ms. Gu at the time.

Chinese Olympic Skier Eileen Gu, Born and Trained in US, Wins Gold Medal, Won’t Say Publicly Whether She Gave Up Her US Passport to Ski for Communist China – It’s Bad for Endorsements

Outkick reports:

In typical ESPN fashion, the network figured out a way to please its Chinese masters during Wednesday’s ESPYs awards show where Chinese Olympic skier Eileen Gu, who apparently renounced her U.S. citizenship to compete for China at the 2022 Winter Games, was named ‘Breakthrough Athlete.’

In her acceptance speech, 18-year-old San Francisco native and Stanford-educated Gu, who has a history of dodging citizenship questions (keep in mind China doesn’t allow dual citizenship and at 18 they have to decide which passport they’ll carry), made sure to use her time on the stage to

“I have always said I want to be an ambassador for freeskiing, especially for young girls in the sport. I also want to share this moment with all the incredible pioneering female athletes who have come before me who paved the way for people like me. Many of which are in the room right now,” Gu said to applause from the ESPY audience.

“Also to the young girls who will come after me and who are going to be the change-makers and who are going to push it one more step further closer to equality,” Gu added.

Wait, what?

Here is the announcement on her award.

The below Tweet says it all.

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