Final Fantasy VII Remake

Square Enix is selling a Final Fantasy 7 action figure from November 2023, and it comes with a digital NFT that carries the risk of becoming inaccessible.

The Cloud Strife figure will be priced at £108 ($129.99) but fans have the chance to opt for the Digital Plus Edition at £133 ($159.99). Pre-orders for the figure are open now, though the Digital Plus Edition is exclusive to the Square Enix store.

The Digital Plus edition comes with an “exchange ticket” which fans can redeem for an NFT, which is a digital version of the figure that can be “enjoyed on PC and smart phone.” The description confirms, “The digital certificate of authenticity uses blockchain technology known as NFTs”.

Anyone purchasing the figure will need to create an account with NFT platform Enjin and download their Enjin Wallet app, with limited time available to redeem their digital certificate and figure. Redeeming the items outside of the time period “cannot be accepted for any reason.”

Cloud Strife, Final Fantasy 7
Final Fantasy 7. Credit: Square Enix.

A “caution before purchasing” section on the pre-order page also warns that the NFTs cannot be sold or transferred to a third-party upon launch due to not being supported on the marketplace, but does note that if Square Enix does “decide to support the marketplace in the future,” there will be an announcement.

What’s more, the NFTs could become worthless if Enjin deactivates its services in the future, as those who have purchased the figures “could lose access” to them.

The news comes after downloadable content for Final Fantasy 7 Remake was unavailable for PS5 owners of the base game, leaving fans to purchase it separately despite the DLC being available for free those with PS Plus subscriptions.

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