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Here is the easiest way to share the notes you make on your iPhone.

The Notes app on the iPhone is great for making your weekly shopping list, jotting down random thoughts during the day and noting important dates.

But have you ever wanted to share your notes with a friend? Taking a screenshot or copying and pasting the text takes extra time, and it doesn’t allow your friends to collaborate on your notes with ease.

Thankfuklly, Apple has made it so you can share your notes with friends and family at just the push of a button. Keep reading to find out how you can start sharing your notes from your iPhone.

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The Short Version

  • Open your iPhone
  • Click on your Notes app
  • Click on Notes
  • Choose the note you want to share
  • Click the hamburger menu
  • Press Share note
  • Choose how you want to share your note
  1. Step

    Open your iPhone

    Unlock and open your iPhone to start the process.The homescreen of my iphone

  2. Step

    Click on your Notes app

    Find your Notes app and click on it. The app looks like a yellow notepad. The Notes app on my iPhone

  3. Step

    Click on Notes

    Click on the Notes app that is under the iCloud subheading. This process will not work with Notes that are in the On My iPhone section. Inside the notes app

  4. Step

    Choose the note you want to share

    Click on the note that you want to share with your friends. The note we want to share on iphone

  5. Step

    Click the hamburger menu

    Once you are in the note you want to share, click on the hamburger menu. It is a yellow circle with three dots in the middle and is located in the top right-hand corner of the screen.The hamburger menu in the notes app

  6. Step

    Press Share note

    Out of the drop-down menu that is presented, click on the first option that says Share note. The Share note button in Notes

  7. Step

    Choose how you want to share your note

    You will be taken to a new screen that will present you with multiple platforms to send your note on, with options including the Mail app, Gmail, Messenger and DropBox, among many others. How to share notes on iPhone


Can I share my notes with multiple people?

Yes, you can share your notes with as many people as you want. Depending on how you send your notes, you can add multiple people to the message so more people can see it and collaborate.

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