There are two reporters who’ve done exceptional investigative work on January 6th.

One is Dr. Darren Beattie of Revolver, who has busted open the “Fed operation” that likely took place on January 6th, and the other is Julie Kelly, of American Greatness, who’s done some of the best reporting on how decent, patriotic Americans are now “North-Korea-style” political prisoners, thanks to January 6th.

And it was Julie Kelly who just made an observation about January 6th that is downright stunning, in my book.

And I can’t believe nobody else (that I’ve ever seen) has called this out before… It feels like a “smoking gun” moment.

Okay, before I share what Julie said, and it’s very simple — her tweet is two short sentences — I want you to see this video clip that Jack Posobiec shared on his Twitter recently.

It’s a video clip that I hadn’t seen before, of what appears to be a police officer, standing inside the doorway of the Capitol, feverishly waving Trump supporters inside.


Here’s what people are saying about this clip:

“Whether they’re waving or not, they don’t exactly seem too interested in keeping them out.”

“Yes, that’s exactly what he’s doing, Jack”

“So much “insurrection” that they had to be INVITED inside. This is such a sham” 

“Wow. This was the biggest trap ever.” 

“That’s what they wanted… as many Trump supporters as possible inside the Cap” 

“Black Friday at Target looks more violent than this”

“Yes I watched the whole thing on TV in real time! I thought the government buildings were open to the public. Thought it was odd but acceptable as officers all seemed friendly and didn’t put up a fuss.”

Anyone who watches that clip would understandably assume the cops wanted Trump supporters inside, right?

And once inside, did the cops want to keep them there?

Well, that’s where Julie Kelly comes into play, with her observation.

Julie reveals that on January 6th, not one single solitary public service announcement was made over the loudspeaker, asking ANYONE to leave the Capitol building.

Not one.

Why is that? 

Because they didn’t want them to leave, that’s why.

And here’s what Julie said in her tweet: “You know who didn’t tell people to leave the Capitol? Police. Not just the ones who let people in but NO public announcement at anytime that afternoon.”

The cops invited them in and then wanted to keep them there as long as possible.

Here’s what people online are saying:

“Oh wow, how come nobody’s ever brought this up. It’s actually a big deal.” 

“Well, that’s a bombshell.” 

“Correct, I was there and none of the cops ever attempted to use megaphones or any speaker system. About 3pm they announced via the emergency broadcast system…thousands of cell phones across DC went off.”

“The Capitol Police didn’t just fail to ask people to leave. THEY ESCORTED PEOPLE IN!!!”


“That’s what my wife has been saying all along. Where was there any sign that said the Capitol was closed to the public? When did they announce with bullhorns to disperse? I have watched the long drawn-out videos of several people and all I heard were sudden explosions.”

“Is that true? If it is, seems like a clear case. How would you know it wasn’t open otherwise if you were further back in the crowd.”

“Oh my God, this revelation is actually a really big deal, if true” 

“As soon as the capitol was breached, bowser should have sent out emergency message to all phones to disperse and go home. She waited. She waited way too long.”

“You mean to tell me, there was no PA announcement or bullhorn announcement to vacate the Cap, and trespassers would be prosecuted? Anyone else thinking this is actually a really big piece of info we should have heard about a year ago??” 

“This is a really interesting piece of info that I didn’t know about nor did I even think about it. Thanks, Julie, I think this is a solid bit of evidence that helps our side” 

“Wow, I didn’t know this. I thought the cops were making every effort to clear the building, I mean, they shot an unarmed woman dead, for crying out loud” 

“Someone should have been asking this question over a year ago, why are we just hearing this now?”

“If the GOP doesn’t do a serious investigation into J6, and I mean, Cap police, feds, Pelosi and others, then they’re worthless” 

January 6th was mainly a peaceful protest — it was a rally that got out of hand for a short while, and from the looks of it, it was cops and feds who created the chaos and set up a lot of good people for political reasons.

And let’s not forget, President Trump was the only one asking people to be peaceful and go home. The left, on the other hand, is KNOWN for spreading violence.

They’re commies, after all.


That bottom line is this: The GOP better get in there and do some mighty hardcore and very serious investigative work on this, the second they regain power.

By sahil

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