On Thursday night, the Jan. 6 committee gave a seamless presentation showing Donald Trump spent hours rebuffing all efforts around him to stop the violent mob from attacking the Capitol. His complete lack of action became an action itself, using his silence to encourage and embolden the mob he assembled. 

But there was one moment of brevity during the hearing: the moment Rep. Elaine Luria showed video of Sen. Josh Hawley running through the Capitol building as the mob inched closer to members of Congress. And then again running down an escalator. For reference, here is the video that sparked a thousand memes:


Now you’ve seen the original, let’s check out the reaction and the remixes. First up, here’s a snippet of Hawley’s segment being shown in the hearing room. Listen to the audible gasps and raucous laughter.

Immediate reaction to the vid: pic.twitter.com/XAv4jc2tjr

— Dan Przygoda (@dprzygoda) July 22, 2022

Not everyone was laughing. Former D.C. police officer Michael Fanone had some sharp words for Sen. Chickenshit from Missouri. 

“Josh Hawley is a bitch. And he ran like a bitch….that guy’s a clown…No honor.” Former police officer with a breathtaking 75 seconds. pic.twitter.com/XLsL4jY1lT

— Stephen Webber (@s_webber) July 22, 2022

Little did Fanone and the world know, those of us in Kansas City have felt that way for quite some time. This was a photo I took at a lovely little watering hole in downtown Kansas City.

Good time to recall this sticker spotted in Kansas City pic.twitter.com/2COGPnghQ1

— Jennifer Hayden (@Scout_Finch) July 22, 2022

Of course, folks were clamoring for Hawley’s run to be put to the Benny Hill soundtrack and before long, Twitter users like Mallory Nees went all in, adding numerous musical overlays to Hawley’s dramatic escape. 

Josh Hawley running away to a variety of soundtracks. Pt. 2: Benny Hill Theme pic.twitter.com/3cl6otJxiJ

— Mallory Nees (@The_Mal_Gallery) July 22, 2022

Josh Hawley running away to a variety of soundtracks. Pt. 5: Obligatory Kate Bush pic.twitter.com/GQzDnbJb1r

— Mallory Nees (@The_Mal_Gallery) July 22, 2022

Okay one more. Goodnight, Internet! https://t.co/WLHimxLTyy pic.twitter.com/UNHNp8CBFL

— Mallory Nees (@The_Mal_Gallery) July 22, 2022

He’s a runner, he’s a track star. pic.twitter.com/4GZhhvwGq5

— Laura Burkhardt-Text READY to 644-33 (@LauraAnnSTL) July 22, 2022

Here’s I Ran that I did earlier pic.twitter.com/4TBwYreK6l

— Rachel Schaeffer (She/Her) ️‍⚧️♓ (@LittleMissKittn) July 22, 2022

.@HawleyMO‘s legacy will forever be fleeing from the same mob he helped incite. pic.twitter.com/a3eOv84faA

— The Lincoln Project (@ProjectLincoln) July 22, 2022

All the good music versions of this have been done and I can never leave anything up with music but here Josh Hawley running away to chicken rap pic.twitter.com/MKJISXtRtl

— Acyn (@Acyn) July 22, 2022

No music, but I’m tossing this one in because it’s hilarious.

BREAKING: January 6 Select Committee releases video of JOSH HAWLEY raising a fist in solidarity with the insurrectionist mob while simultaneously running in terror from said mob. pic.twitter.com/9BlS5qLo1o

— ™ (@FrancisWegner) July 22, 2022

Y’all better run to the polls like Josh Hawley ran from the insurrection.

— Stephen Groves (@stephengrovesjr) July 22, 2022

The Missouri Dems should host an annual Josh Hawley 5K as a fundraiser.

— Franklin Leonard (@franklinleonard) July 22, 2022

Worth remembering: Josh Hawley was the first senator to say he would object to the electoral college, causing a cascade of Ted Cruz-es. There would not have been as much oxygen to trumps coup plan without Fistpump McRunpants. pic.twitter.com/V7uRnNM5f5

— Adam Kinzinger ✌️ (@AdamKinzinger) July 22, 2022

Did you see a remix or meme that had you in stitches? Share in the comments. 

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