Rep. Adam Kinzinger quickly summed up Trump’s despicable actions while the attack on the US Capitol was taking place during Thursday’s prime-time hearing.

The mob attacking the Capitol quickly caused the evacuation of both the House and senate. the count ground to an absolute halt and was ultimately delayed for hours. The mob was accomplishing president trump’s purpose. So, of course, he didn’t intervene. Here is what will be clear at the end of this hearing.

President Trump didn’t fail to act during the 187 minutes between leaving the Ellipse and telling them up to go home. He chose not to act, but there were hundreds that day who honored their oaths and put their lives on the line to protect the people inside the Capitol and to safeguard our democracy. Many of them are here tonight with us. Many more are watching from home.

As you already know, we will see again tonight their service and sacrifice shines a bright light on president Trump’s dishonor and dereliction of duty.

The only actions Trump took on that infamous day was to incite, cheerlead and defend the rioters’ actions in hopes of being successful at overthrowing the government.

Cowardly Republicans should have made sure he could never run for office again. Instead, we have to have Congressional investigations and hope they’re humiliated into dumping Trump.

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