Pushing Republicans to declare publicly where they’re at on abortion and on contraception and on the protection of our most basic and fundamental rights is the smart thing to do for Democrats. Because it unmasks them. It shows just how monstrous they are. Case in point: Tudor Dixon, the slight frontrunner in the Republican primary candidate for governor in Michigan.

Should a child raped and impregnated by a relative have to carry the fetus to full term? That’s what interviewer Charlie LeDuff asked Dixon on his podcast. You betcha, she answered. The only exception to an abortion ban she would accept is to save the life of the pregnant person.

“Do you think you can win with that?” LeDuff asked. He dug in: “The question would be like, a 14-year-old who, let’s say, is a victim of abuse by an uncle, you’re saying carry that?” Of course! “Yeah, perfect example … okay … because I know people who are the product—a life is a life for me.” Perfect example. She also made a point of differentiating between “health” and “life” for the exception.

“A life is a life for me,” Dixon said. “That’s how it is. That is for me, that’s my feeling.” LeDuff pushed her on it, speculating that her hardline stance on abortion would turn voters off, at which point she went full on straw man.

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“They think that’s the winning issue, but most Americans do not believe in this third-trimester abortion, partial abortion, ripping babies out and pulling them out of their mother,” she said. “That kind of stuff, that’s on the ballot.”

So, the real-life nightmare of forcing children to have children doesn’t bother her, and she defends it with scare-tactic nonsense about late-term abortions—which are extremely rare and pretty much only happen when the life of the mother is in danger! The exception she says she supports. These people are impossible.

But this is also why the referendum activists are putting on the ballot in Michigan this fall is so important. Dixon is speaking for the Michigan Republican Party, and if they get power in the state, abortion rights are gone there, too. That will always be a threat.

”This proposal will affirm that every person has the fundamental right to reproductive freedom, which involves the right to make and carry out decisions without political interference about all matters relating to pregnancy, including birth control, abortion, prenatal care, and childbirth,” the coalition promoting the amendment, including Reproductive Freedom for All, ACLU of Michigan, Michigan Voices, and Planned Parenthood Advocates of Michigan, explained. “Specifically, this measure will ensure that all Michiganders have the right to safe and respectful care during birthing, everyone has the right to use temporary or permanent birth control, everyone has the right to continue or end a pregnancy pre-viability, and no one can be punished for having a miscarriage, stillbirth, or abortion.”

They need it, and it has every likelihood of prevailing in November if they can keep up the momentum that they’ve had so far. They needed 425,059 signatures to get on the ballot. They got 753,759—a record for the state. State officials are in the process of verifying those signatures, a process that will be done by the end of August.

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Advocates have a July 11 deadline to get an abortion rights measure on the Michigan ballot

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