A WOMAN has slammed her “petty” neighbour after she left a filthy message on her fence because she believed they were encroaching on her land.

The woman, from Virginia in the US, took to TikTok to share the crude words spray painted in black on the fence on the border of her land.


A rude message was left on the fence dividing the two properties[/caption]

The petty neighbour spray painted ‘property of 621’ on multiple fence panels
The woman said her new fence is ‘way behind’ the property line

The neighbour had made their view clear and scrawled “property of 621” on a dozen of the fence panels dividing the two properties.

And the “neighbour from hell” also left a rude message.

It said: “Kiss my a**.”

The passive aggressive neighbour also plastered “private property” stickers along the fence.

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In the video, the woman fumes: “I guess she forgets her address unless she writes it down.”

She said: “When you have petty a** neighbour, they do petty a** s**t.

“This lady seems to have an issue with the fact that we seem to be trespassing over her property line.”

But the woman points to the property line and shows how her new fence is “way behind” the line.

The woman said the feud started after the neighbour blocked off her driveway by putting up a fence.

“We were refused access to the entry of the house,” she said.

It comes after a homeowner blew up at his neighbour for tying his new fence to a garden post in another incredibly petty row.

Footage shows the two furious neighbours having a massive argument – each claiming it’s their fence.

One man insists the fence is “right on his line,” adding: “I’ve lived in this neighbourhood before you even lived in this neighbourhood.

“Want to bet? That post is not yours, it’s never been yours.”

The argument then escalates with the first man bringing up other issues and his neighbour branding him “crazy”.

In another row, a woman claimed her neighbour destroyed her entire fence after the wind blew one panel into her garden.

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Fed up TikToker Katie Trueman shared a clip of the riled-up resident tearing down the wooden divider in broad daylight.

Footage showed the unidentified resident removing each panel as the mum watched on from the window in horror.

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