RTFKT announced the release of their new Nike Hoodie NFT. The hoodie got sold out within a very short time. However, many people were left angry without being able to mint. What specifically happened with the RTFKT Nike hoodie drop?

When was the Hoodie Released?

Who can buy the NFT?

Summary – These are the things you need to know

RTFKT NFT Minting Fail – What Happened?

RTFKT Apology

The minting process (not surprisingly) ended really fast. People were waiting for hours only to find out that the minting ended. Apparently, there were problems with the minting process where users could not save a spot in a fair queue and were kicked out despite waiting for hours. The company did warn about “first come first served”, but how to really understand who “first came” without a proper queue system? It seems as if the events of Yuga Labs with Otherside repeated again with RTFKT.

People are not so happy with their Experiences

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