As you likely know by now, Joe Biden has tested positive for COVID.

And in a major karma twist of fate, Biden tested positive exactly one year from the day when he spread disinformation and said if you took the vax, you would NOT catch COVID.

What irony, right?


Also, Joe’s COVID diagnosis comes just one day after he declared he has cancer from oily windshields.

As with all things “Joe Biden,” this entire COVID diagnosis feels really bizarre.

First, the Handlers clarified Joe has very mild symptoms and was “fine.”

They also put out this photo of Joe with “COVID,” and notice how he’s not following CDC recommendations?

He should wear a mask since there were others in the room with him and he’s sick.

This idiot wears masks all the time, but now when he’s sick, he refuses to wear one?

The buffoonery never ends. 


So, when exactly was this photo taken, and who was in the room?

We don’t know.

We’re just told everyone was wearing masks — except Joe because he wanted the American people to “see his face.”

What the hell…

Also, yesterday when asked about HOW Joe contracted COVID, WH Press Secretary KJP brushed off the question and said it didn’t matter how he caught it.

HUH?? Of course that matters, for crying out loud.

Asked where Biden was infected with covid, @PressSec says: “I don’t think that matters.” Remember all the charts and diagrams the media produced after President Trump tested positive? I sure do!

And now, the “Team Biden” lockdowns and hyper-control moves have kicked into high gear.

Biden’s Handlers are controlling the optics of Biden’s illness to the point of absurdity.

Here’s what Breitbart reporter Charlie Spiering said in a tweet: “White House aides are closely controlling the optics of Biden’s coronavirus infection. No independent cameras or media footage of the president. Biden’s personal physician will not answer any questions about his health.”

This is very odd, how the wagons are feverishly circling around Joe and this major “privacy mode” has kicked in, suddenly.

Here’s what people online are saying:

“Man. There would be essays written and wild speculation bandied about if the last guy did this. If only we had an honest media apparatus in this country.”

“74 year old man was slow walking down a ramp one time and it was two weeks of speculation on if he needs to be removed from office”

“Hmmm you mean they’re not going after Biden with the same vigor they did with Trump? That’s weird”

“So, they’ll just let Biden rest in peace, while they literally frothed at the mouth when Trump had COVID?” 

“If you ask me, this guy is either deathly ill and hanging on by a thread, or he’s perfectly fine and they’re worried he’ll screw up and say his test was actually negative” 

“So not transparent…gotcha”

“And they wonder why we don’t trust them? lol Unreal” 

“Totally different set of rules when Trump was in office, and they expect us to be okay with that?” 

“Covid, so dangerous that a 79 year old with one foot in the grave is…… Just fine.”

This whole thing feels odd.

And the more they insulate Joe, the faster the conspiracy theories will fly.

If they want to stop rumors, they should be transparent, and hold Biden to the same standards they held President Trump to.

By sahil

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