Gloria Borger: “It’s hard, of course, to choose among the striking revelations in the last episode of season one of the January 6 hearings, but how about this: Top staffers knew exactly who Donald Trump was, and decided to remain anyway.”

“It’s an argument we heard over and over again throughout recent years: Yeah, I coulda left this guy, but I thought it was better to stay so I could be part of the guardrails around Trump.”

“But here’s what we learned during these hearings: There were no guardrails around the then-President, and certainly none strong enough to contain his election fraud mania. In fact, Trump busted through them with great regularity. And when he didn’t (as in deciding not to fire his deputy attorney general and replace him with an election denier), it was only because he was told it would look bad for him if his entire Justice Department resigned.”

“So what we saw instead was a group of people dealing with a man they knew to be morally, intellectually and emotionally unfit for the office.”

By sahil

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